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Greensboro has a professional alliance to fight eating disorders. We know how tough it is to fight through this disease and find the right professionals to help. This is the Triad-area’s source for skilled eating disorder providers who will fight this fight along side you.

Central North Carolina has a diverse selection of qualified practitioners who can help you take the next step and aide your recovery or the recovery of someone you care about. If you are interested in finding out more about Triad Eating Disorders Professionals, you can send an email to triad-eating-disorders-professionals@googlegroups.com.

Now, pull up a chair and rest.

Please, tell us about your experiences and struggles.

One Comment on “Welcome

  1. Hello, I just watched My Big Fat Fabulous Life and I have to say that although I don’t have PCOS I relate to Whitney’s struggles when it comes to weight loss, poor eating habits, night eating, and health issues. That being said watching you talk to her was both refreshing and inspiring. When I was little mother put me on every diet known to man, low calorie, low fat, Weight Watchers, nutritionists who asked me if I wanted to be a fatty for the rest of my life, to being on tofu diet case study. As a result, I used to sneak food in spite of my mother as a child and currently I have horrible eating habits. I have similar eating habits as Whitney. I starve all day and binge at night and I’m an emotional binge eater. I would love to know more about your program and how to change my life. I live in New York and was wondering if you could counsel me over the phone or FaceTime. I really feel like you and the perspective you have with food can change my life and make me a happier, healthier person.

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